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    There are 2 ways to participate in the Barbee Surname DNA Project:
    • Donate DNA for testing.
    • Sponsor a DNA donor by paying part or all of the cost of testing.
    A scholarship fund has been established to link DNA donors with sponsors. Both types of participants are needed. In many cases, the DNA donor will sponsor himself.


    For those wishing to contribute to the Barbee Scholarship fund, there are 2 options:
    1. Contribute to the Barbee General Fund at Family Tree DNA. You may use Paypal, credit card or check. Your contribution can be anonymous.
    1. Order a test kit to be sent to the participant and have it charged to your credit card or billed by invoice. If you need help locating someone to sponsor, let me know.

    Many thanks to the scholarship contributors! Their donations financed 2 DNA donors from the Andrew and William Barbee lines:

    • Gerry Coon
    • Ron McLaughlin
    • Janet Barbee
    • Peg Gordon
    • Paul Escarraz
    • Shirley Massie Simms
    • James R. Barbee
    • Wilma Kaplan
    • Family Tree DNA matched $200 in contributions during October

    Scholarship Eligibility

    You are eligible for a scholarship (if funds are available) if you are a documented descendant of the Andrew or William Barbee lines or if your last known ancestor was in Europe. Participation from the early Andrew and William Barbee lines of the 1600s in Virginia is vital to the success of this study. By testing descendants of Andrew and William we hope to help further genealogy research by identifying minor differences in DNA patterns among the branches of the families. Additionally, by comparing their results to Barbee's overseas, we can learn more about our European roots. We would like to test a descendant from every main branch of the Andrew and William Barbee lines in order to help other Barbee's connect to these 2 lines.

    In the Andrew Barbee line, we need descendants from each of his male Barbee grandchildren:

    • Andrew* (1716 - 1795) married Jane Delaney Lacey
    • John (1724-1803) married Elizabeth Welch and Phyliss Duncan
    • Thomas (1725 - 1727) married Margaret Fant
    • Joseph (1743 - ?) - I do not know whether Joseph married and had children
    In the Willliam Barbee line, we need descendants from each of his male Barbee grandchildren
    • William* (1711 - 1758) married (1) unknown and (2) Rachel.
    • Christopher (1713 - 1777) married Margaret
    • John* (1715 - 1792) married unknown, but he had sons - Goin, John, Benjamin and Reuben.
    • Francis (1717 - 1790) married unknown (perhaps Winnifred or Howes/Hawes)
    • Joseph (1717 - 1773) married Mary
    * We have participants from these lines, but we will consider additional scholarships as they become available.


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    Please send any queries, contributions, or corrections   Hope you make a connection!

    Janet Barbee


    BTTP Award