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    Latest News

    November 2008 - Twenty-five people have joined the Barbee Surname DNA Project since it began on June 28, 2004. DNA results have identified 3 Barbee/Barby lines:
    • 19 participants are related to the William Barbee line.
    • 5 participants are related to the Andrew Barbee line.
    • 1 participant is from an English Barby line.
    The 3 latest participants are:
    • Kit 107265. This Barbee line is related to the William Barbee line. The last known ancestor is Joseph BARBEE. Born 1805 in Tennessee. He married Delila.This Barbee branch moved to Limestone, Freestone, Navarro, and Harris Counties, Texas.
    • Kit 107308. This Barbee line is related to the William Barbee line. The last known ancestor is John C. BARBEE. Born 1839 in Alabama. Died 1892 in Fannin County, Texas. John married Adeline SMITH. This Barbee branch moved to Grayson County, Texas.
    • Kit 93283. This BARBY line is from England and DNA shows that it is not related to either the Andrew or William Barbee lines in the U.S. The last known ancestor is Edward BARBY. Born 1691 in Wicken, Northamptonshire, England. He married Mary GARDENER 1722 in Wicken, Northamptonshire, England.
    Nine of the participants who are related to the William Barbee line chose to upgrade to a 67 marker DNA test. Thanks to Jim, David and Janet who paid for these upgrades. You can tell in the Results table who these individuals are. We are still waiting on the results of a few markers for Kit 76432. We did this to see if upgrading to 67 marlers adds useful information to the project. The 9 participants only vary on 1 of the additional 30 markers - DYS 578. I would appreciate feedback on whether project participants think that testing the additional markers is useful.

    The lab is offering $30 holiday discounts for new participants until December 31, 2008. If you are are interested in joining the Barbee DNA project, please click on the Join menu button at the top of each DNA Project Page. The prices shown are the normal prices - you will see the discounted price on the order form.

    As most of you know, we had a major breakthrough in October 2004 for the U.S. Barbee lines when we finally determined that there are at least two distinct Barbee lines (Andrew and William). We want to do further testing of the Andrew and William Barbee lines to help U.S. Barbee's connect. However, we are now in the second phase of the project - finding out how U.S. Barbee's are related to European Barby's/Barbe's, etc. Any spelling that sounds like Barbee will be included. We need additional contributors to fund these high priority tests. Please see the Scholarship page.

    Progress Reports

    To stay informed about the progress of the Barbee DNA Project, subscribe to the Barbee-DNA mailing list - Instructions. Check this News web page for progress reports on numbers of participants and results. To be notified when this page changes via an automated system, see the instructions at the bottom of the page for using the "Be Notified" button on the left.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email one of the project administrators, Janet Barbee (email address appears at the bottom of each page), or Greg Barbee

    Old News

    Barba vs. Barbee Puzzle Solved
    February 2005 - DNA testing has proven that John Barba (1780 - 1872) of Cabarrus County, North Carolina is really a Barbee who is related to the William Barbee line. This is a case of errors in research. The name in original records was misinterpreted as Barba rather than Barbee. As a result of DNA testing, we now know that John Barba/Barbee's son, Allen, married his cousin, Mary Margaret Harward, who was a descendant of Rose Barbee. Now, descendants know to pursue traditional genealogy research for a connection to the William Barbee line.
    New Participant Hopes DNA Will Solve Puzzle
    January 2005 - The project now has a new member (kit ALC989) who is a descendant of an ancestor with a name other than Barbee. Descendants of John Barba (1780 - 1872) of Cabarrus County, North Carolina go by the name Barbee, raising the question as to whether John Barba was really a Barbee. Additionally, John Barba lived in close proximity to the Wake/Chatham/Orange County area where there was a concentration of descendants of William Barbee. A further clue is that one of John Barba's sons (Allen) married the granddaughter (Mary Margaret Harward) of Rose Barbee Harward of the William Barbee line.

    I believe that this may be a case of errors in research and perhaps relying on secondary rather than primary records. The original census and other records were indexed as Barba. However, when I look at them under magnification, I believe the name in the original records was Barbee, although I admit that it would be easy to misinterpret the name as Barba. Additionally, the new participant recently visited John Barba's grave, and there on the tombstone was the name Barbee! DNA testing will tell us whether the marriage between Allen Barba/Barbee and Mary Margaret Harward was a case of cousins marrying.

    First Test Results from DNA Heritage
    January 2005 - The first participant in the Barbee DNA Project to use DNA Heritage as the testing company, received his results in just 13 days after they received his sample. Kit SJN214 is a descendant of Georgia Barbee's and DNA testing shows that he is related to the Andrew Barbee line.
    Antrhopology Test Results
    December 2004 - Two participants who are related to the William Barbee line (kits 23700 and 22713) received the results of their anthropology (SNP) tests to identify their deep ethnic ancestry. Both participants belong to the most common "Haplogroup" in Europe, R1B. According to Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd., R1b "is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype." If your DNA test has shown that you are related to the William Barbee line, it is safe to assume that you are also in Haplogroup R1b.
    Scholarships Awarded to New Participants
    December 2004 - Three participants joined the project during December for a total of 16 participants. One of the participants recived a partial scholarship (using matching funds provided by Family Tree DNA) and one participant from the William Barbee line received a full scholarship. Our current scholarship balance is $84. You can see the list of contributors here. We anticipate needing additional scholarship funds for testing European Barbee's. Please see the Scholarship page for instructions on how to contribute or email Janet Barbee
    FTDNATiP Calculator
    December 2004 - FTDNA has developed a "calculator" which they call FTDNATIP that each person who has been tested at FTDNA can use to calculate "Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor". (This is available to you only if you have signed the release form). The calculator uses the marker-specific mutation rates developed by the University of Arizona.
    More information
    New Barbee-DNA Mailing List at Rootsweb
    December 2004 - The Barbee-DNA mailing list is devoted to any topic related to the Barbee Surname DNA project. Having a separate list will reduce the number of posts to the Barbee mailing list about the DNA Project and will allow us to discuss the project in more detail with those who are interested, including--the status of the project, the interpretation of results, special deals on testing, new scientific developments, the progress of research in England, our deep ethnic ancestry, and anything else related to the DNA project. I would very much like for this to be a discussion forum, rather than one-way communication. Your feedback and questions are very important in helping us direct the study in a way that is useful to everyone. See Barbee-DNA Mailing List Homepage for instructions on subscribing and unsubscribing and to search or browse the archives.
    DNA Testing for the Barbee DNA Project is Now Available from Two Testing Companies
    December 2004 - Since the start of the Barbee Surname DNA Project, we have been using Family Tree DNA to perform the DNA tests. Since then, DNA Heritage has started offering competitive rates on testing. Additionally, DNA Heritage can test 43 markers, while Family Tree DNA tests 37. New participants may now choose between Family Tree DNA and DNA Heritage. Please see the instructions for joining the project, for more information.
    Scholarships Available - Any Barbee Family Line
    November and December 2004 - For a short time, Barbee's from any family line may apply for a $25 scholarship. These scholarships come from Famiy Tree DNA's matching funds contributed during October 2004. Thanks to our recent fund dirve, there are additional scholarships available for descendants with Last Known Ancestors in Europe or descendants of Andrew or William Barbee.
    Research in England
    November 2004 - Shirley Massie Simms of the U.S. Andrew Barbee line lives in England and has volunteered to help U.S. Barbee's find family connections in England. Because our U.S. immigrant ancestors arrived in the Virginia colony in the 1600s, we have no memory or record of where they came from. Barbee is spelled several different ways in England (including Barby, Barbey, Barbe), but we suspect they are related. We hope to find persons who have documented family histories to share who might be willing to have a DNA test. This could give U.S. Barbee's insight to our European roots. We will only need to test 12 markers to determine if British and U.S. Barbee's are related. To help with this research, please contact Shirley Massie Simms, Janet Barbee (see my email address at the bottom of each page), or Greg Barbee

    Fewer Markers Required To Establish a Possible Barbee Connection
    November 2004 - We now know that descendants of the two early U.S. Barbee lines (Andrew and William) can be clearly distinguished just by looking at the first 12 markers. A 37 (or more) marker test will give you much better information on where you might connect, but if you have reason to doubt that you are connected to the 2 U.S. Barbee lines, the 12 marker test is a cost-effective way of checking the liklihood. For example, I recommend this test if the participant is located outside of the United States or if the surname is NOT spelled Barbee. If the test indicates a likely relationship to Barbees from the United States, then the participant will need to upgrade to more markers. We will continue testing 37 or 67 markers on the Andrew and William Barbee lines to see if we can identify differences among branches.
    Family Tree DNA Conference for Project Administrators

    November 2004 - I just returned from the first conference ever held for "genetic geneologists". The conference was fantastic and the participants were enthusiastic. We heard from the head of the company, the head of the laboratory, a statistician, a manager of a very successful project, the author of a book on how to run a successful project, and others. The scientists provided results from late-breaking research that will be of immediate benefit to DNA projects and said that more advances will be coming. There were lively discussions about what the scientists can do and what genetic geneologists need. Apparently, we are pushing the geneticists harder for answers than anyone ever has. I will be changing some of the analysis on the Results Page to reflect the latest scientific knowledge about how to interpret results and additional refinements will be made over time. Our results make a lot more sense with this new information. And I will be passing along other information from the conference soon!

    Announcing Co-Administrator
    September 2004 - I'd like to welcome Greg Barbee as co-administrator of the Barbee Surname DNA Project. This will ensure the project continues in the event something happens to one of us. Many of you know Greg. He is updating the "Study on the Barbee Families of Wake, Chatham and Orange Counties". He is very active on Genforum and has helped many Barbee's find their connection to the William Barbee line over the years. I will continue to handle the administrative matters. But feel free to contact either Greg Barbee or Janet Barbee with questions.


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