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African American Barbees:

Tracing African American ancestry can be quite difficult.  I will be happy to post any family trees submitted and records regarding slaves mentioned in Barbee records.  

North Carolina:


Barbee Surname DNA Project

The goal is to supplement traditional genealogy research and help find family connections and origins. DNA testing may be particularly helpful to African Americans who suspect a connection to one of the early Barbee families. Normally, the criteria for participating in the Barbee Surname DNA Project is that you have to be a male Barbee with an all male Barbee line of descent. However, anyone who suspects an all male line of descent from a male Barbee is welcome to participate. I suggest discussing your particular situtation with me before signing up to make sure that DNA testing is likely to help. There are other DNA tests available (but not part of the Barbee Surname DNA Project) that can tell you the percentage of various races contained in your DNA. There is a link to more information on DNA testing for African Americans on the DNA Basics page.


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Please send any queries, contributions, or corrections   Hope you make a connection!

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