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Orgin of Barbees in U.S.:

There are several schools of thought on where the BARBEEs in the U.S. originated. Those in the William BARBEE line are convinced it was England. BARBEEs in both the William and Andrew lines did intermarry with prominent English families and the given names were English.

There was also a fairly large population of early BARBY/BARBE Hugonots in Mannikintown, Virginia. Claude BARBE was the originator of these, but I am not aware of any further research on them. The Andrew and William Barbee lines arrived in Virginia before Claude Barbe. Glaude Barbe and his wife were listed on the Nassau ship passenger list which received permit to depart Kensington, England, for Virginia, January 18, 1701/02 signed by Capt. Tregian. The passengers were French, Swiss, Genevese, German, and Flemish. Glaude Barbie was not listed with the Swiss and Genevese who were listed separately. Source is Ship Transcribers Guild.  

A family story handed down in several families that have not yet been connected to either the William or Andrew lines say that the original BARBEE immigrant was Louis BARBEE who may have been a French mercenary soldier in either the Revolution or Civil War (the Revolution makes more sense with the dates on this family).

There were also BARBEEs in Germany, but so far no apparent connection to them.

Another complication is that one branch of the Andrew BARBEE line appears interchangably as BARBEE or BARBRE in the records. There are BARBRE/BARBER lines in the U.S. that seem to be distinct from the BARBEEs, but seeing both spellings in this branch opens some new possiblities to explore.


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