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History of Barbee's Crossroads, Virginia

The present village of Hume, Virginia (about 5 miles south of I-66 exit 18) was known as Barbee's Crossroads in the mid 19th century, after Joseph Barbee, who leased the land from Denny Fairfax in 1787. The village was at the north end of the Leeds Manor Turnpike which was incorporated in 1848. The center of the village is at the corner of Leeds of Manor Road (Route 688) and Hume Road ( Route 635), formerly known as the "Crossroads". Later the village was named for the Hume family. At one time, the village had 3 stores and 4 blacksmiths; a 4th store existed later. There were very large cattle farms in the surrounding areas, which employed many families. During the Civil War, the wounded from the battles of Manassas were taken to Barbee's Crossroads. The Leed's Church (Episcopal) was occupied at different times by both Union and Confederate soldiers. As a result of nearby fighting, the church walls were pierced by a shell which exploded within the church, damaging the interior. In 1873, the church burned and was rebuilt.

Barbee's Tavern - On the northwest corner of the Crossroads is a yellow stuccoed frame building (old log tavern) with a center stone chimney, which was Barbee's tavern, dating from the pre-stage coach days, circa 1787 built by Joe Barbee. The tavern was in operation during colonial and Civil War times and apparently had a thriving business because of its location. The building has wide pine flooring, exposed American Chestnut interior logs, and 3 stone fireplaces. When the tavern was converted to a house, while in the process of removing many of the walls, the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Furr (Joe Barbee's grand daughter and her husband), found that the walls were lined with old newspapers. It is believed this was also where Barbee's Post Office was. (Thanks to Lita Stickler for the history of Hume and Barbee's Tavern.)


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