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Barbee's Crossroads adopted its name from the old Barbee family homestead in Hume, Faquier County, Virginia.  The name reflects the purpose of this web site--connecting Barbee family researchers with Barbee genealogy information on the web.   Since 1997, Barbee's Crossroads has helped many Barbee researchers find their connections to the early Andrew and William Barbee lines.

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  • Barbee Lines contains extensive information about the early Andrew and William Barbee lines plus many other Barbee lines in the United States.
  • Please consider participating in the Barbee DNA Study described briefly below. The menu button provides more details, instructions on how to join the project, and the detailed results.
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Barbee Surname DNA Project

In 2004, I established the Barbee DNA Project to help even more Barbees find their connections and to hopefully find our European roots. The Project uses the science of genetics as a tool to further our genealogy research. A simple DNA test determines whether individuals share a common ancestry.

We immediately made a major discovery - the two early immigrants to the Virginia colony in the United States (Andrew and William Barbee) were not related. Since most U.S. Barbee's likely descend from one of these early immigrants, they are finally able to know which immigrant is their ancestor. For example, my DNA test shows that I am somehow related to the William Barbee line. This is a major breakthrough for me because I have been looking for my Barbee connection for over 15 years.

In order to help knock down brick walls for those of us still looking for our connections in the U.S., we need the participation of descendants of Andrew and William Barbee and other U.S. Barbee lines. In order to discover more about our European roots, we would like participation from Barbee's with roots in Western Europe. All spellings that sound like Barbee (Barby, Barbey, Barbe, Barbie, Barbi, etc.) will be included. If you have found Barbee's Crossroads useful in your research, I hope you will consider participating in this exciting project which can help many more Barbee researchers for whom the paper trail has grown cold!

Research Tip

Barbee is frequently mis-indexed as BARBER, even when the original record is clearly BARBEE. Therefore, indexes are unreliable. If you think your Barbee family was in the area--go to the original records!


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Please send any queries, contributions, or corrections   Hope you make a connection!

Janet Barbee


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